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Leeds Medieval Studies

Find the Leeds Medieval Studies Journal and archives of our past publications as well as information about the Institute for Medieval Studies, What's on at Leeds, and the International Medieval Bibliography.

Institute for Medieval Studies

The Institute for Medieval Studies (IMS) brings together medievalists from across the University of Leeds and beyond to form a community of more than 50 scholars working on the societies and cultures of the Middle Ages. Their range spans Europe, from Iceland to Africa and the Near East, and from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance, and they include historians, literary scholars, linguists, and art historians.

The IMS offers interdisciplinary MA and PhD study, including innovative language teaching and research skills training. It is also responsible for producing the International Medieval Bibliography, in partnership with Brepols Publishers - an invaluable research tool available in print and online for researchers worldwide. In addition, the IMS is host to the International Medieval Congress, one of the world's largest forums for presenting and sharing cutting-edge research in medieval studies.

Find out more at the IMS website

International Medieval Bibliography

The Institute for Medieval Studies is home to the world's leading interdisciplinary bibliography of medieval research.

International Medieval Congress

The IMS hosts one of the world's largest annual conferences in medieval studies.