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Medieval History Texts in Translation

This section includes a selection of medieval primary texts, translated into English by Graham A. Loud (Professor of Medieval History, University of Leeds). Almost all of the texts selected and edited for this project appear in English translation for the first time, and in some cases, the translation here is entirely new and has been made without reference to previous versions.

These texts should be regarded very much as works in progress. They are made publicly available for study and teaching, but any use made of them should be properly acknowledged, and any quotation in print confined to short extracts only. The copyright remains with the author of these translations.

If you have any queries, please contact the editor, Graham A. Loud (

The Norman Kingdom of Sicily

The texts relating to this topic, formerly displayed on this page, can be found in: 
G. A. Loud, Roger II and the Creation of the Kingdom of Sicily (Manchester Medieval Sources, Manchester University Press, published in January 2012). Brotherton Library reference.

G.A. Loud & Thomas Wiedemann, The History of the Tyrants of Sicily by 'Hugo Falcandus', 1154-69 (Manchester Medieval Sources, 1998). Brotherton Library reference.