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Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 49 (2018)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 49 (2018): Complete Volume

Ála flekks saga: An Introduction, Text and Translation

Jonathan Y. H. Hui, Caitlin Ellis, James McIntosh, Katherine Marie Olley, William Norman, Kimberly Anderson
pp. 1-43

Ála flekks saga: A Snow White Variant from Late Medieval Iceland

Jonathan Y. H. Hui, Caitlin Ellis, James McIntosh, Katherine Marie Olley
pp. 45-64

Wise Aggressors and Steadfast Victims: The Shift in Christian Feminine Ideals from Old to Middle English Religious Poetry

Judith Kaup
pp. 65-86

Chaucer’s Osewold the Reeve and St Oswald the Bishop (from the South English Legendary and Other Sources)

Thomas R. Liszka
pp. 87-99

Worthy, Wycht, and Wys: Romance, Chivalry, and Chivalric Language in John Barbour’s Bruce

James W. Titterton
pp. 101-19

Middle Yiddish and Chaucer’s English Considered as Fusion Languages

Jennifer G. Wollock
pp. 121-33

Review: P. S. Langeslag, Seasons in the Literatures of the Medieval North (Cambridge: Brewer, 2015)

Alaric Hall
pp. 135-36

Review: David R. Carlson, John Gower: Poetry and Propaganda in Fourteenth-Century England (Cambridge: Brewer, 2012)

Trevor Russell Smith
pp. 137-38

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 48 (2017)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 48 (2017): Complete Volume

Introduction to Architectural Representation in Medieval England

Hannah Bailey, Karl Kinsella, and Daniel Thomas
pp. 1-6

Tabernacle, Temple or Something in Between? Architectural Representation in Codex Amiatinus, fols IIv-IIIr

Conor O’Brien
pp. 7-20

Pausing at the Threshold: Considering Space, Symbolism and Eschatology in the Wilfridian Crypts at Ripon and Hexham

Meg Boulton
pp. 21-42

Doorways as Liminal Structures in Anglo-Saxon Text and Image

Karl Kinsella
pp. 43-55

The Gates of Hell: Invasion and Damnation in an Anonymous Old English Easter Vigil Homily

Daniel Thomas
pp. 57-72

The Architecture of the Grave in Early Middle English Verse

Helen Appleton
pp. 73-88

‘Synne to shewe, vs to frame’: Representing the Church in Robert Mannyng’s Handlyng Synne Verse

Laura Varnam
pp. 89-104

Shaping Buildings and Identities in Fifth- to Ninth-Century England

Clifford M. Sofield
pp. 105-23

Architecture as Authoritative Reader: Splitting Stones in Andreas and Christ III

Hannah Bailey
pp. 125-43

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 47 (2016)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 47 (2016): Complete Volume

Diachronic Development of the Order of Prenominal Adjectives in English: The Case of AGE and SHAPE Semantic Categories

Łukasz Stolarski
pp. 1-14

Honour, Humour, and Women in the Romance of Yder

Jane Bliss
pp. 15-28

The Structure of the Exeter Book: A Reading Based on Medieval Topics

Jan-Peer Hartmann
pp. 29-61

Reading Scribal Intervention in the Squire-Wife of Bath Link of MS Lansdowne 851

Jeremy DeAngelo
pp. 63-75

‘Do not Give that which is Holy to Dogs’: Noble Hunting, the Curée Ritual, and the Eucharist

Andrew Pattison
pp. 77-98

Sexual Sin and ‘Anxieties of Outreach’ in Thirteenth-Century England: Two Manuals for Penitents and their Adaptations

Krista A. Murchison
pp. 99-113

Affective Wounding in Ancrene Wisse and the Wooing Group

A. S. Lazikani
pp. 115-35

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 46 (2015)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 46 (2015): Complete Volume

Kinsmen Before Christ, Part II: The Anglo-Saxon Transmission

P. S. Langeslag
pp. 1-18

Saint as Seer: Structure and Style in Ælfric’s Life of St Cuthbert

Hiroshi Ogawa
pp. 19-37

The Virgin’s Kiss: Gender, Leprosy, and Romance in the Life of Saint Frideswide

Gary S. Fuller
pp. 38-56

The Terror of the Threshold: Liminality and the Fairies of Sir Orfeo

Piotr Spyra
pp. 57-72

Þjalar-Jóns saga: A Translation and Introduction

Philip Lavender
pp. 73-113

Review: Geraldine Barnes, The Bookish Riddarasögur: Writing Romance in Late Mediaeval Iceland (Odense: University Press of Southern Denmark, 2014)

Sheryl McDonald Werronen
pp. 115-17

Review: Carolyn P. Collette, Rethinking Chaucer’s ‘Legend of Good Women’ (York: York Medieval Press, 2014)

Pelia Werth
pp. 117-18

Review: Elizabeth Cox, Liz Herbert McAvoy and Roberta Magnani, Reconsidering Gender, Time and Memory in Medieval Culture (Cambridge: Brewer, 2015)

Benjamin Pohl
pp. 119-20

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 45 (2014)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 45 (2014): Complete Volume

Ecocriticism and Eyrbyggja saga

Carl Phelpstead
pp. 1-18

Scyld scyle cempan: The Shield and the Warrior in Old English Poetry

Stephen Graham
pp. 19-33

Kinsmen Before Christ, Part I: The Latin Transmission

P. S. Langeslag
pp. 34-48

John Rykener, Richard II and the Governance of London

Jeremy Goldberg
pp. 49-70

Fiction After Felony: Innovation and Transformation in the Eland Outlaw Narratives

Sharon Hubbs Wright and Michael Cichon
pp. 71-86

‘The Death of Sir John Ealand of Ealand and his sonne in olde rymthe’: Four New Eland Manuscripts and the Transmission of a West Yorkshire Legend

Sharon Hubbs Wright
pp. 87-128

Review: Catherine A. M. Clarke, Writing Power in Anglo-Saxon England: Texts, Hierarchies, Economies (Cambridge: Brewer, 2012)

Kate Wiles
pp. 131-33

Review: Donald Scragg, A Conspectus of Scribal Hands Writing English, 960–1100 (Cambridge: Brewer, 2012)

Thomas Gobbitt
pp. 133-35

Review: Peter S. Baker, Honour, Exchange and Violence in ‘Beowulf’ (Cambridge: Brewer, 2013)

Catalin Taranu
pp. 135-38

Review: Larissa Tracy, Castration and Culture in the Middle Ages (Cambridge: Brewer 2013)

Paola Scarpini
pp. 138-41

Review: Traditions and Innovations in the Study of Medieval English Literature: The Influence of Derek Brewer, ed. by Charlotte Brewer and Barry Windeatt (Cambridge: Brewer, 2013)

Trevor Russell Smith
pp. 141-43

The Culture of Inquisition in Medieval England, ed. by Mary C. Flannery and Katie L. Walter (Cambridge: Brewer, 2013)

Jan Vandeburie
pp. 143-47

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 44 (2013)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 44 (2013): Complete Volume

An Introduction to Anglo-Saxon Plant-Name Studies and to this Special Issue

Carole Biggam
pp. 1-9

'Garlic and Sapphires in the Mud’: ‘Leeks’ in their Early Folk Contexts

Tom Markey
pp. 10-42

Madness, Medication — and Self-Induced Hallucination? Elleborus (and Woody Nightshade) in Anglo-Saxon England, 700–900

Alaric Hall
pp. 43-69

Old English Hymlic: Is it Hemlock?

Irené Wotherspoon
pp. 94-113

Elleborus in Anglo-Saxon England, 900–1100: unsingwyrt and Wodewistle

Irené Wotherspoon
pp. 114-36

Biting the Bulut: A Problematic Old English Plant-Name in the Light of Place-Name Evidence

Richard Coates
pp. 137-45

What was Lybcorn?

Audrey Meaney
pp. 146-205

Old English Safene: Untangling Native and Exotic Junipers in Anglo-Saxon England

Carole Biggam
pp. 206-41

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 43 (2012)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 43 (2012): Complete Volume

The Devil in Disguise? Scribal Remarks on Valgarðr inn grái in Njáls saga

Susanne M. Arthur
pp. 1-7

William Barnes and Frisian Forefathers

Jonathan Roper
pp. 9-20

What’s in a Name? Pinning Down the Middle English Lyric

Anne L. Klinck
pp. 21-50

An Edition of Vainglory

Rosemary Proctor
pp. 51-73

Poetic Attitudes and Adaptations in Late Old English Verse

Megan Hartman
pp. 74-92

Chaucer’s Melibee: What Can we Learn from Some Late-Medieval Manuscripts?

Kate Jackson
pp. 93-115

'Caplimet’ in Seinte Margarete and ‘Eraclea’ in the Croxton Play of the Sacrament

Andrew Breeze
pp. 117-19

Review: Earl R. Anderson, Understanding ‘Beowulf’ as an Indo-European Epic: A Study in Comparative Mythology (Lampeter: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2010)

Rory McTurk
pp. 121-24

Review: Poetry from the Kings’ Sagas 2: From c. 1035 to c. 1300, edited by Kari Ellen Gade (Turnhout: Brepols, 2009)

Erika Sigurdson
pp. 124-25

Review: Texts and Traditions of Medieval Pastoral Care: Essays in Honour of Bella Millett, edited by Cate Gunn and Catherine Innes-Parker (Woodbridge: York Medieval Press, 2009)

Veronica O'Mara
pp. 125-27

Review: Tory Vandeventer Pearman, Women and Disability in Medieval Literature, (New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2010)

Cory James Rushton
pp. 127-28

Review: The Doctrine of the Hert: A Critical Edition with Introduction and Commentary, edited by Christiania Whitehead, Denis Renevey and Anne Mouron (Exeter: Exeter University Press, 2010)

Naoë Kukita Yoshikawa
pp. 128-30

Review: Sandra Ballif Straubhaar, Old Norse Women’s Poetry: The Voices of Female Skalds (Cambridge: Brewer, 2011)

Jóhanna Katrín Friðriksdóttir
pp. 130-32

Review: Nikolai Tolstoy, The Oldest British Prose Literature: The Compilation of the Four Branches of the ‘Mabinogi’ (Lewiston: Edwin Mellen Press, 2009)

Andrew Breeze
pp. 132-34

Review: Patrick Sims-Williams, Irish Influence on Medieval Welsh Literature (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010)

Andrew Breeze
pp. 134-35

Review: Constructing Nations, Reconstructing Myth: Essays in Honour of T. A. Shippey, edited by Andrew Wawn, with Graham Johnson and John Walter (Turnhout: Brepols, 2007)

Jonathan Roper
pp. 135-37

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 42 (2011)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 42 (2011): Complete Volume

Purity and Pueritia: The Anti-Theme of Childhood Innocence in Late-Medieval English Courtesy Books

Joanna Bellis
pp. 1-16

Reading Between the Lines: The Liturgy and Ælfric’s Lives of Saints and Homilies

Stewart Brookes
pp. 17-28

Looming Danger and Dangerous Looms: Violence and Weaving in Exeter Book Riddle 56

Megan Cavell
pp. 29-42

The Nun’s Priest’s Identity and the Purpose of his Tale

Carol F. Heffernan
pp. 43-52

The Yew Rune, Yogh and Yew

Bernard Mees
pp. 53-74

Sententia in Narrative Form: Ælfric’s Narrative Method in the Hagiographical Homily on St Martin

Hiroshi Ogawa
pp. 75-92

Infinitival Complements with the Verb (ge)don in Old English: Latin Influence Revisited

Olga Timofeeva
pp. 93-108

An Edition of Three Late Middle English Versions of a Fourteenth-Century Regula Heremitarum

Errata to Domenico Pezzini
pp. 109-110

Review: Rachel Koopmans, Wonderful to Relate: Miracle Stories and Miracle Collecting in High Medieval England (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2011)

Heather Blurton
pp. 111-13

Review: Massimo Verdicchio, The Poetics of Dante’s ‘Paradiso’ (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2010)

Ruth Chester
pp. 113-15

Review: Katharine Breen, Imagining an English Reading Public, 1150–1400, Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature, 79 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010)

Joyce Coleman
pp. 115-17

Review: Peter Brown, Authors in Context: Geoffrey Chaucer (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011)

Cathy Hume
pp. 117-18

Review: Dinah Hazell, Poverty in Late Middle English Literature: The ‘Meene’ and the ‘Riche’, Dublin Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature, 2 (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2009)

Mike Rodman Jones
pp. 119-20

Review: Kiriko Sato, The Development from Case-Forms to Prepositional Constructions in Old English Prose, Studies in Language and Communication, 88 (Bern: Lang, 2009)

Olga Timofeeva
pp. 122-24

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 41 (2010)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 41 (2010): Complete Volume


A. I. Doyle
p. ix

Editorial Introduction

Janet Burton, William Marx, and Veronica O'Mara
pp. x-xvi

The Bouer Hours in Leeds University Library, Brotherton Collection, MS 8: New Evidence for Manuscript Illumination from Bourges

Katja Airaksinen
pp. 1-24

Sloth and the Penitential Self in Henry, Duke of Lancaster’s Le Livre de seyntz medicines / The Book of Holy Medicines

Catherine Batt
pp. 25-32

Verse and Worse in Middle English: Defining Doggerel

Julia Boffey
pp. 33-44

Chronicles and Politics in the Reign of Edward II

Wendy R. Childs
pp. 45-55

An Edition and Study of A Revelation Shown to a Yorkshire Woman

Margaret Connolly
pp. 56-65

The Origins and Stanza Form Tradition of the Vernon/Simeon Lyrics, pp. 66-75
A. S. G. Edwards, Editing Malory: Eugène Vinaver and the Clarendon Edition

Geert De Wilde
pp. 76-81

An Association Copy of Cowley’s Works, with Verses by the Earl of Rochester, in Leeds University Library

Paul Hammond
pp. 82-94

An Unmatched Pair: Two Eleventh-Century Manuscripts of the Homiliary of Paul the Deacon in Durham Cathedral Library

Joyce Hill
pp. 95-111

For Honour and Glory: Reading Selden and Sylvester in the Seventeenth Century

Tom Lockwood
pp. 112-22

What is Heard and What is Seen: Rhyme and Stanzaic Integrity in the A and B Versions of The Devils’ Parliament

William Marx
pp. 123-33

Redemption through Iambic Reversal? The Case of Henryson’s Cresseid, pp. 134-45
Peter Meredith, The Chester Play of
Noah and the Presentation of Reality

Rory McTurk
pp. 146-54

Thinking Afresh about Thomas Wimbledon’s Paul’s Cross Sermon of c. 1387

Veronica O'Mara
pp. 155-71

The Nativity of the Virgin and St Katherine: Additions to John Mirk’s Festial

Susan Powell
pp. 172-85

The Elusive Canutus: An Investigation into a Medieval Plague Tract

Kari Anne Rand
pp. 186-99

Ab Ovo: Swift’s Small-Endians and Big-Endians and Transubstantiation, pp. 200-13
Mary Swan, Reading for the Ear: Lambeth Palace Library, MS 487, Item 10

Hermann J. Real
pp. 214-24

The Prince’s Tale: Narrative Perspective in the South English Legendary Life of St Mary Magdalene

Anne B. Thompson
pp. 225-32

Oliver Pickering: Publications

pp. 233-38

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 40 (2009)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 40 (2009): Complete Volume

The Caesura and the Rhythmic Shape of the A-Verse in the Poems of the Alliterative Reviva

Noriko Inoue and Myra Stokes
pp. 1-26

Construing Old English in the Thirteenth Century: The Syntax of the WInteney Adaptation of the Benedictine Rule

Maria Artamonova
pp. 27-46

Supplication and Self-Reformation in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Olga Burakov-Mongan
pp. 47-64

An Edition of Three Late Middle English Versions of a Fourteenth-Century Regula Hermitarum

Domenico Pezzini
pp. 65-104

Demythologising Urban Landscapes in Andreas

Michael D. J. Bintley
pp. 105-18

Nítíða saga: A Normalised Icelandic Text and Translation

Sheryl McDonald
pp. 119-46

Skelt 'Hasten' in Cleanness and St Erkenwald

Andrew Breeze
pp. 147-48

Review: Gregg A. Smith, The Function of the Living Dead in Medieval Norse and Celtic Literature: Death and Desire (Lewiston, NY: The Edward Mellen Press, 2007)

Dorian Knight
pp. 149-50

Review: Janie Steen, Verse and Virtuosity: The Adaptation of Latin Rhetoric in Old English Poetry (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2008)

Ben Snook
pp. 150-52

Review: Laura Ashe, Ivana Djordjević and Judith Weiss, eds, The Exploitations of Medieval Romance (Cambridge: Brewer, 2010)

Cathy Hume
pp. 152-53

Review: Massimiliano Bampi and Fulvio Ferrari, eds, Lärdomber oc skämptan: Medieval Swedish Literature Reconsidered (Uppsala: Svenska fornskriftsällskapet, 2008)

Alaric Hall
pp. 153-55

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 39 (2008)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 39 (2008): Complete Volume

'Eorodcistum' in The Battle of Maldon

Paul Cavill
pp. 1-16

Meteod the Meteorologist: Celestial Cosmography in Christ and Satan, lines 9-12a

Miranda Wilcox
pp. 17-34

'Laxdæla' dreaming: A Saga Heroine Invents Her Own Life, pp. 35-54

Ármann Jakobsson
pp. 35-54

January's Genesis: Biblical Exegesis and Chaucer's Merchant's Tale

Mike Rodman Jones
pp. 55-90

Chaucer and Harbledown, Kent

Andrew Breeze
pp. 91-96

The Singularity of Sir Tristrem in the Tristan Corpus

Sergi Mainer
pp. 97-118

Bastard and Basket: The Etymologies Revisited

William Sayers
pp. 119-25

Review: N. J. Higham, ed., Britons in Anglo-Saxon England, Publications of the Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies, 7 (Woodbridge: Boydell Press, 2007)

Andrew Breeze
pp. 127-28

Review: Charles D. Wright, Frederick M. Biggs, and Thomas N. Hall, eds, Source of Wisdom: Old English and Early Medieval Latin Studies in Honour of Thomas D. Hill (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2007)

Mary Swan
pp. 129-31

Review: Judy Quinn, Tarrin Wills, and Kate Heslop, eds, Learning and Understanding in the Old Norse World: Essays in Honour of Margaret Clunies Ross, Medieval Texts and Cultures of Northern Europe, 18 (Turnhout: Brepols, 2007)

Alaric Hall
pp. 131-35

Review: Rory McTurk, Chaucer and the Norse and Celtic Worlds (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2005)

Andrew Breeze
pp. 135-37

Review: Liz Herbert MacAvoy, ed., Rhetoric of the Anchorhold: Space, Place and Body within the Discourses of Enclosure (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2008)

Marta Cobb
pp. 137-39

Review: John J. McGavin, Theatricality and Narrative in Medieval and Early Modern Scotland (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2007)

Peter Meredith
pp. 139-43

Review: Philip Butterworth, ed., The Narrator, The Expositor, and the Prompter in European Medieval Theatre, Medieval Texts and Cultures of Northern Europe, 17 (Turnhout: Brepols, 2007)

John J. McGavin
pp. 143-45

Review: David Clark and Carl Phelpstead, eds, Old Norse Made New: Essays on the Post-medieval Reception of Old Norse Literature and Culture (London: Viking Society for Northern Research, 2007)

Martin Arnold
pp. 146-49

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 38 (2007)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 38 (2007): Complete Volume

The Cross in The Dream of the Rood: Martyr, Patron and Image of Christ

Barbara C. Raw
pp. 1-16

'Ða Gregorius gamenode mid his wordum': Old English Versions of Gregory's Bilingual Puns

Emily V. Thornbury
pp. 17-30

A Paw in Every Pie: Wulfstan and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Again

Sara Ponz-Sans
pp. 31-52

The Controversy about Scribe C in British Library, Cotton MSS, Julius E. VII

Michèle Bussières
pp. 53-72

Three Dreams and Versions of Harðar saga

James Cochrane
pp. 73-100

Languages and Culture in Contact: Vernacular Lives of Saint Giles and Anglo-Norman Annotations in an Anglo-Saxon Manuscript

John Frankis
pp. 101-42

The Gawain-Poet and Hautdesert

Andrew Breeze
pp. 135-42

Walter Hilton's Mixed Life and the Transformation of Clerical Discipline

Nicole R. Rice
pp. 143-70

Caxton's Adaptation of The Life of Saynt Paula for Vitas Patrum: Holy Debt and Mary's 'pappes' as Signs of Cultural Shaping

Sue Ellen Holbrook
pp. 171-218

Review: Magnús Fjalldal, Anglo-Saxon England in Icelandic Medieval Texts (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2005)

Margaret Clunies Ross
pp. 219-21

Review: Janet Dillon, The Cambridge Introduction to Early English Theatre (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006)

Peter Meredith
pp. 221-24

Review: Cristina Mourón-Figueroa, El ciclo de York: Sociedad y cultura en la Inglaterra bajomedieval (Santiago de Compostela: Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, 2005)

Fernando Alonso Romero
pp. 224-27

Review: Naoë Kukita Yoshikawa, Margery Kempe's Meditations: The Context of Medieval Devotional Literature, Liturgy and Iconography (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2007)

Marta Cobb
pp. 227-29

Review: Jane Roberts, Guide to Scripts Used in English Writing up to 1500 (London: The British Library, 2005)

Orietta da Rold
pp. 229-32

Review: Alessandro Scafi, Mapping Paradise: A History of Heaven on Earth (London: The British Library, 2006)

Alfred Hiatt
pp. 232-35

Review: Ruth Evans, Helen Fulton, and David Matthews, eds, Medieval and Cultural Studies: Essays in Honour of Stephen Knight (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2006)

Andrew Wawn
pp. 235-39

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 37 (2006)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 37 (2006): Complete Volume

An Appreciation of Joyce Hill

Roberta Frank
pp. 1-8

Hagiographical Demon or Liturgical Devil? Demonology and Baptismal Imagery in Cynewulf's Elene

David F. Johnson
pp. 9-30

Hypallage in the Old English Exodus

Michael Lapidge
pp. 31-40

Feminine Heroism in the Old English Judith

Christine Thijs
pp. 41-62

The Balanced Parallel in Beowulf

Rory McTurk
pp. 63-74

Vercelli Homily XIV and the Homiliary of Paul the Deacon

Paul E. Szarmach
pp. 75-88

Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 198 and the Blickling Manuscript

Mary Swan
pp. 89-100

A Possible Source for the seofonfealdan Godes gifa

Loredana Teresi
pp. 101-10

Every Picture Tells a Story: Cuthbert's Vestments in the Benedictional of St Æthelwold

Sarah Larratt Keefer
pp. 111-34

Ælfric's Errors: The Evidence

Richard Marsden
pp. 135-60

A Key to Ælfric's Standard Old English

Mechthild Gretsch
pp. 161-77

Ælfric's Scribes

Donald Scragg
pp. 179-89

The Invisible Woman: Ælfric and his Subject Female

Elaine Treharne
pp. 191-208

Hagiographical Imagery of Light and Ælfric's 'Passion of St Dionysius'

Hugh Magennis
pp. 209-28

Rewriting Ælfric: An Alternative Ending of a Rogationtide Homily

Jonathan Wilcox
pp. 229-40

The Irregular Life in Ælfric Bata's Colloquies

Christopher A. Jones
pp. 241-60

Pope Sergius I's Privilege for Malmesbury

Christine Rauer
pp. 261-82

The Rochester Cathedral Library: A Review of Scholarship 1987-2005, Including Annotations to the 1996 Edition of the Catalogues in CBMLC, v. 4

Mary P. Richards
pp. 283-320

A Difficult School Text in Anglo-Saxon England: The Third Book of Abbo's Bella Parisiacae urbis

Patrizia Lendinara
pp. 321-43

The Place Which Is Called 'at X': A New Look at Old Evidence

Janet Bately
pp. 343-63

Some Thoughts on the Expression of 'crippled' in Old English

Jane Roberts
pp. 365-78

A Note on Modernity and Archaism in Ælfric's Catholic Homilies and Earlier Texts of Ancrene Wisse

Tadao Kubouchi
pp. 379-90

The Dating of William of Malmesbury's Miracles of the Virgin

Philip Shaw
pp. 391-406

Henry, duke of Lancaster's Book of Holy Medicines: The Rhetoric of Knowledge and Devotion

Catherine Batt
pp. 407-14

Two English-Language Documents from Pre-Dissolution Marrick Priory, North Yorkshire

Oliver Pickering
pp. 415-26

Some Notes on the Amesbury Psalter Crucifixion (All Souls College, Oxford, MS 6)

Peter Meredith
pp. 427-40

Pericles and the Simpsons

Ian Wood
pp. 441-50

Aesthetic Evaluations of the Sound of Old English: 'About the Anglo-Saxon tongue there was the strength of iron, with the sparkling and the beauty of burnished steel

Eric G. Stanley
pp. 451-72

Anglo-Saxon Poetry in Iceland: The Case of Brünaborgar Bardaga Quida

Andrew Wawn
pp. 437-87

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 36 (2005)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 36 (2005): Complete Volume

Bede's Civitas Domnoc and Dunwich, Suffolk

Andrew Breeze
pp. 1-4

Burning Idols, Burning Bridges: Bede, Conversion and Beowulf

Peter Orton
pp. 5-46

The Armour-Bearer in Abbo's Passio sancti Eadmundi and Anglo-Saxon England

Paul Cavill
pp. 47-61

The Old English Apollonius and Wulfstan of York

Carla Morini
pp. 63-104

Levels of Learning in Anglo-Saxon Worcester: The Evidence Re-assessed

Christine Thijs
pp. 105-31

Revenge and Moderation: The Church and Vengeance in Medieval Iceland

David Clark
pp. 133-56

The Adaptation of Laxdæla Saga in Óláfs saga Tryggvasonar en mesta

Elizabeth Ashman Rowe
pp. 157-74

Polysemy in Middle English embosen and the Hart of The Book of the Duchess

David Scott-Macnab
pp. 175-94

Denis Reveney and Christiania Whitehead, Domesticity and Medieval Devotional Literature

Catherine Batt
pp. 195-250

An Eye-Witness Account or Literary Historicism? John Page's Siege of Rouen

Tamar S. Drukker
pp. 251-73

'Doctryne and studie': Female Learning and Religious Debate in Capgrave's Life of St Katharine

Sarah James
pp. 275-302

'Where ioye is ay lasting': John Lydgate's Contemptus Mundi in British Library MS Harley 2255

Joseph L. Grossi, Jr.
pp. 303-34

Deconstructing Skelton: The Text of the English Poems

A. S. G. Edwards
pp. 335-53

Review: Samuel Fanous and Henrietta Leyser, eds, Christina of Markyate: A Twelfth-Century Holy Woman (London and New York: Routledge, 2005)

Mary Swan
pp. 355-57

Review: Stephen H. A. Shepherd, ed., Turpines Story: A Middle English Translation of the Pseudo-Turpin Chronicle, EETS, o.s. 322 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004)

Raluca Radulescu
pp. 358-60

Review: Emily Steiner, Documentary Culture and the Making of Middle English Literature, (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003)

Alfred Hiatt
pp. 360-63

Review: Anke Bernau, Ruth Evans and Sarah Salih, eds, Medieval Virginities (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2003)

Marta Cobb
pp. 363-65

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 35 (2004)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 35 (2004): Complete Volume

A Dead Killer? Saint Mercurius, Killer of Julian the Apostate, in the Works of William of Malmesbury

Philip Shaw
pp. 1-22

Retrospectivity in Vǫlsunga saga: The Brynhildr Story

Fredrik J. Heinemann
pp. 23-42

Landscape and Authorial Control in the Battle of Vigrafjǫrður in Eyrbyggja saga

Ian Wyatt
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Queen Elizabeth and Essex: A Dutch Rhetoricians' Play

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The Rehabilitation of Margery Kempe

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He pleyeth Herodes upon a scaffold hye?

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Sally-Beth MacLean, A Road Less Travelled? Touring Performers in Medieval and Renaissance Lancashire

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'Comyth in Robyn Hode': Paying and Playing the Outlaw at Crosscombe

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Chester's Convenant Theology

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The Living Text: The Play, The Players, and Folk Tradition

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The Leeds Corpus of English Dialects -- Project

Juhani Klemola and Mark Jones
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The Phonetic Data Base Project (PDP): A New Tool for the Dialectologist

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Parallel Lines Through Time: The Confusing Case of she

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The Phonology of Definite Article Reduction

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The Future of Dialectology

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Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 29 (1998): Complete Volume

Connla's Farewell

Nick Meredith
p. 1

Peter Meredith: A Personal Tribute

Charles Barber
p. 3

Peter Meredith in Australia

Ralph Elliott
pp. 5-6

Portrait of a Friend: Peter Meredith

George W. Turner
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Rhetorical Strategies in Cleanness and Patience

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'In this all other townes, thou dost, and Citties ore'shine': Textuality, Corporeality, and the Riding of Yule in York

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Musophilus: A Newly-Discovered Seventeenth-Century Play

Elizabeth Baldwin
pp. 35-48

Notes on Edá: A Nigerian Everyman

Martin Banham
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'The Martyrdom of St Apollonia' and 'The Rape of the Sabine Women' as Iconographical Evidence of Medieval Theatre Practice

Philip Butterworth
pp. 55-67

Other Times and Our Own Places in Children's Literature

Roger Ellis
pp. 69-80

Pop Goes the Academic

Stanley Ellis
pp. 81-88

Performing the Seven Deadly Sins: How One Late-Medieval English Preacher Did It, pp. 89-108
Simon N. Forde, Lay Preaching and the Lollards of Norwich Diocese, 1428-1431

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William Patten's Friends

Betty Hill
pp. 127-36

Winchester Pedagogy and the Colloquy of Ælfric

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Edition and English Translation of Revetour's Will from MS. York, Borthwick Institute of Historical Research, Prob.Reg.2

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Chaucer and Giraldus Cambrensis

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'goon in Berynsdale': The Trail of the Paston Robin Hood Play

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'Some Precise Cittizins': Puritan Objections to Chester's Plays

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Poetic Style and Poetic Affiliation in the Castle of Perseverance

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Dramatizing the Word, pp. 293-303
Richard Rastall, Music and Liturgy in
Everyman: Some Aspects of Production

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Provincial Schoolmasters and Early English Drama

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The Apocalypse of Thomas in Old English

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Lucerne Revisited: Facts and Questions

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Some Aliens in York and their Overseas Connections: Up to c. 1470

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King Ólafr Tryggvason, Sir Edward Elgar, and The Musician's Tale

Andrew Wawn
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The Great Feast

Eileen White
pp. 401-10

The White Knight, the Ungrateful Dead and a Pair of Jacks: Further Adventures of a Folktale Motif

Elizabeth Williams
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Peter Meredith: Publications

James Cummings
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Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 28 (1997): Complete Volume

Old English Made New: One Catholic Homily and its Reuses

Mary Swan
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Examining One's Conscience: A Survey of Late Middle English Prose Forms of Confession

Philip Durkin
pp. 19-56

John Rastell v. Henry Walton

Janette Dillon
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New Light on Henry Medwall

Sally-Beth MacLean and Alan H. Nelson
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The Stanley Poem and the Harper Richard Sheale

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Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 27 (1996): Complete Volume

The Original Length of the Old English Judith: More Doubt(s) on the 'Missing Text'

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Place-Name Evidence Relating to the Interpretation of Old English Legal Terminology

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Glæd man at Heorot: Beowulf and the Anglo-Saxon Psalter

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Presenting Traditions in Orkneyinga saga

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pp. 69-86

Female Scribal Ability and Scribal Activity in Late Medieval England: The Evidence?

Veronica M. O'Mara
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Margery Kempe's Sharp Confessor/s

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A Chapter From Richard Rolle in Two Fifteenth-Century Compilations

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The Computerisation of the Index of Middle English Prose: The Way Forward?

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'No Sex Please, We're Anglo-Saxons'? Attitudes to Sexuality in Old English Prose and Poetry

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Umbiden and umbreiden: An Unnoticed Middle English Prefix

Douglas Moffat
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'Englishness' and the Worcester Tremulous Hand

Wendy E. J. Collier
pp. 35-47

'By a noble church on the bank of the Severn': A Regional View of Lazamon's Brut

Carole Weinberg
pp. 49-62

Lazamon's Four Helens: Female Figurations of Nation in the Brut

Elizabeth J. Bryan
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The Language of the Scribes of the First English Translation of the Imitatio Christi

Brendan Biggs
pp. 79-111

The Making of Desire in The Book of Margery Kempe

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Grammatical Landscapes in Dr John Hawkesworth's Voyages (1773)

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Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 25 (1994): Complete Volume

On the Transmission and Phonology of The Battle of Brunanburh

Peter R. Orton
pp. 1-27

Like a Duck to Water: Representations of Aquatic Animals in Early Anglo-Saxon Literature and Art

Paul Sorrell
pp. 29-68

'Wyrd' and 'wearð ealuscerwen' in Beowulf

Richard North
pp. 69-82

Questions of Gender in Chaucer, from Anelida to Troilus

Alcuin Blamires
pp. 83-110

'Her virgynes, as many as a man wylle': Dance and Provenance in Three Late Medeival Plays Wisdom/The Killing of the Children/The Conversion of St Paul

John Marshall
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Fulfilling the Law in the Brome Abraham and Isaac

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Two Tudor Poems in a Latin Book of Hours

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Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 24 (1993): Complete Volume

Of Mice and Men: Ælfric's Second Homily for the Feast of a Confessor

Mary Clayton
pp. 1-26

Stress of Quantitive Adjectives and Some Common Adverbs in Old English Poetry: An Alternative to Kuhn's Law

B. R. Hutcheson
pp. 27-56

'Cynewulf and Cyneheard' and Landnámabók: Another Narrative Tradition

Fredrik J. Heinemann
pp. 57-89

The Banns in Medieval English Drama

Bruce Moore
pp. 91-122

Celtic Etymologies for Middle English hurl 'rush, thrust' and fisk 'hasten'

Andrew Breeze
pp. 123-32

Subject Matter and its Arrangement in the Accedence Manuscripts and in the Early Printed Long Accidence and Short Accidence Grammars

Hedwig Gwosdek
pp. 133-53

Review: Thomas H. Ohlgren, ed., Anglo-Saxon Textual Illustration: Photographs of Sixteen Manuscripts with Description and Index (Kalamazoo: Western Michigan University, 1992)

Barbara C. Raw
pp. 155-57

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Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 23 (1992): Complete Volume

A Virgin Acts Manfully: Ælfric's Life of St Eugenia and the Latin Versions

Gopa Roy
pp. 1-27

Why Does the River Jordan Stand Still? (The Descent into Hell, 103-06)

Barbara C. Raw
pp. 29-47

The Treatment of Natural Law in Richard the Redeless and Mum and the Sothsegger

Helen Barr
pp. 49-80

From Print to Manuscript: The Golden Legend and British Library Landsdowne MS 379

Veronica M. O'Mara
pp. 81-104

Chaucer and the Hand that Led Him

Vincent DiMarco
pp. 105-26

The Art of Fiction: Poetry and Politics in Reformation England

Andrew Hadfield
pp. 127-56

John Kirby and The Practice of Speaking and Writing English: Identification of a Manuscript

Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade
pp. 157-79

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Paul Hammond
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Review: John R. Elliott, Jr., Playing God: Medieval Mysteries on the Modern Stage, Studies in Early English Drama, 2 (London: University of Toronto Press, 1989))

John Marshall
pp. 186-91

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 22 (1991)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 22 (1991): Complete Volume

Snake Rings in Deor and Vǫlundarkviða

Robert Cox
pp. 1-20

St Joseph's Trade and Old English smiþ

James Bradley
pp. 21-42

The Anonymous Old English Legend of the Seven Sleepers and its Latin Source

Hugh Magennis
pp. 43-56

The Versification of The Canterbury Tales: A Computer-Based Study (Part 2)

Charles Barber and Nicolas Barber
pp. 57-83

John Mirk's Festial and the Pastoral Programme

Susan Powell
pp. 85-102

'The unity of the state exists in the agreement of its minds': A Fifteenth Century Sermon on the Three Estates

Alan J. Fletcher
pp. 103-37

Tracking Lazamon's Brut

Lesley Johnson
pp. 139-65

On the Current State of Middle English Dialectology

T. L. Burton
pp. 167-208

In Reply to Dr Burton

Michael Benskin
pp. 209-62

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 21 (1990)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 21 (1990): Complete Volume

OE ealuscerwen/meoduscerwen and the Concept of 'Paying for Mead'

Jenny Rowland
pp. 1-12

Tribal Loyalties in the Finnsburh Fragment and Episode

Richard North
pp. 13-43

The Theme of the 'Penitent Damned' and its Relationship to Beowulf and Christ and Satan

Robert Hasenfratz
pp. 45-69

A Monastic Echo in an Old English Charm

Sarah Larratt Keefer
pp. 71-80

A Versification of The Canterbury Tales: A Computer-Based Statistical Study

Charles Barber and Nicolas Barber
pp. 81-103

Chester's Linguistic Signs

John J. McGavin
pp. 105-18

The South English Legendary 'St Patrick' As Translation

Robert Easting
pp. 119-40

Brotherton Collection MS 501: A Middle English Anthology Reconsidered

O. S. Pickering
pp. 141-65

The Date and Composition of George Ashby's Poems

John Scattergood
pp. 167-76

Review: O. S. Pickering and Susan Powell, The Index of Middle English Prose, Handlist VI: A Handlist of Manuscripts Containing Middle English Prose in Yorkshire Libraries and Archives (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 1989)

V. M. O'Mara
pp. 178-79

Review: Janet Arnold, ed., Queen Elizabeths Wardrobe Unlock'd: The Inventories of the Wardrobe of Roves Prepared in July 1600 Edited From Stowe MS 577 in the British Library<, MS LR 2/121 in the Public Record Office, London, and MS V.b.72 in the Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington DC (Leeds: Maney & Son, 1988)

Elieen White
pp. 180-84


Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 20 (1989)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 20 (1989): Complete Volume

Leslie Rogers: A Biographical Note

Geraldine Barnes, Lee Jobling and Naomi Robinson
pp. 1-3

H. L. Rogers: A Bibliography

pp. 5-6

Two of Þórr's Great Fights According to Hymiskviða

Margaret Clunies Ross
pp. 7-27

Marx, Engels, and Norse Mythology

Ursula Dronke
pp. 29-45

The Borg Connexion: Notes on Bjarnar saga, Egla, Gunnlaugs saga, and Laxdæla

Hermann Pálsson
pp. 47-64

Dafydd ap Gwilym and Intertextuality

Helen Fulton
pp. 65-86

Chaucer's British Rival

Stephen Knight
pp. 87-98

'Truth' and 'Modesty': A Reading of the Irish Noínden Ulad

B. K. Martin
pp. 99-117

'La prière du plus grand péril' in Medieval English Literature

Roy J. Pearcy
pp. 119-41

The Diversity of Middle English Alliterative Poetry

David A. Lawton
pp. 143-72

'As they read it': Some Notes on Early Responses to the C-Version of Piers Plowman

George Russell
pp. 173-89

Chaucer and Shakespeare on Tragedy

Henry Ansgar Kelly
pp. 191-206

All's Well that Ends Well and 'The Common Stock of Narrative Tradition

G. A. Wilkes
pp. 207-16

Three Tellings of Beowulf's Fight with Grendel's Mother

Rosemary Huisman
pp. 217-48

Neutralization: On Characterizing Distinctions Between Old English Proper Names and Common Nouns

Fran Colman
pp. 249-70

Literary Impetus for Wulfstan's Sermo Lupi

J. E. Cross and Alan Brown
pp. 271-91

Two Notes on Christ II

Robert D. Stevick
pp. 293-309

Beowulf: Six Notes, Mostly Syntactical

Bruce Mitchell
pp. 311-18

Notes on Old English Poetry

Eric Stanley
pp. 319-44

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 19 (1988)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 19 (1988): Complete Volume

The Blicking Palm Sunday Homily and its Revised Version

Clare A. Lees
pp. 1-30

Relative Pronouns in Layamon's Brut

George Jack
pp. 31-66

The Middle English Gospel of Nicodemus in Winchester MS 33

David C. Fowler
pp. 67-83

Jean Forrester and John Goodchild, References to the Corpus Christi Play in the Wakefield Burgess Court Rolls: The Originals Rediscovered

A. C. Cawley
pp. 85-104

The Manuscripts of John Mirk's Manuale Sacredotis

Alan J. Fletcher
pp. 105-39

A Checklist of Unedited Late Middle English Sermons that Occur Singly or in Small Groups

Veronica M. O'Mara
pp. 141-66

A Checklist of Editions of Middle English Prose in Theses

B. S. Donaghey and G. A. Lester
pp. 167-202

Towards a Framework for the Analysis of English in Cornwall

D. J. North
pp. 203-30

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 18 (1987)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 18 (1987): Complete Volume

Editorial Note

Elizabeth Williams
p. 1

What's in a Name?

Sheila Smith
p. 3

Kenneth Cameron and the English Department at Nottingham

Thorlac Turville-Petre
pp. 5-7

Yet Another Note on Alfred's Æstel

R. I. Page
pp. 9-18

The Prologue of Wynnere and Wastoure

Thorlac Turville-Petre
pp. 19-29

The Arming of Gawain: Vrysoun and Cercle

Elizabeth Porges Watson
pp. 31-44

The 'Strangeness' of Ben Jonson's The Forest

George Parfitt
pp. 45-54

Tennysonian Topography

W. Nash
pp. 55-69

The Function of Place-Names

Margaret Berry
pp. 71-88

The Placing of Names: Sequencing in Narrative Opening

Ronald Carter
pp. 89-100

The codretum (Whatever That May Be) at Little Roborough

Cecily Clark
pp. 101-10

Modern English 'Viking'

Christine E. Fell
pp. 111-23

Vernaculars: A Personal Essay

Tom Paulin
pp. 125-33

The -er- in Hattersly, Cheshire and Hothersall, Lancashire

J. McN. Dodgson
pp. 135-39


Gillian Fellows-Jensen
pp. 141-55

Crops for Man and Beast

John Field
pp. 157-71

Anglo-Saxon Eagles

Margaret Gelling and David Miles
pp. 173-81

Some Aspects of Regional Variation in Early Middle English Personal Nomenclature

John Insley
pp. 183-99

Some Alternative Analyses of Medieval Field-Names

A. D. Mills
pp. 201-07

Some South-Western Problems

O. J. Padel
pp. 209-17

Old English bōc-land as an Anglo-Saxon Estate-Name

Alexander R. Rumble
pp. 219-29

Ingham in East Anglia: A New Interpretation

Karl Inge Sandred
pp. 231-40

Goldcyta--Hawk From a Hybrid?

Veronica J. Smart
pp. 241-46

Place-Name Evidence for the Allocation of Land by Lot

Victor Watts
pp. 247-63

Kenneth Cameron's Work on English Place-Names: An Appreciation

Margaret Gelling
pp. 265-66

The Published Writings of Kenneth Cameron 1956-1985

Margaret Gelling
pp. 267-69

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 17 (1986)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 17 (1986): Complete Volume

The Icelandic and German Sources of Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung

R. G. Finch
pp. 1-23

Blicking Homily XIII Reconsidered

Mary Clayton
pp. 25-40

Sovereignty and the Loathly Lady in English, Welsh, and Irish

J. K. Bollard
pp. 41-59

The Clemency of Cobblers: A Reading of 'Glutton's Confession' in Piers Plowman

Nick Gray
pp. 61-75

Richard Maidstone's Penitential Psalms

Valerie J. Edden
pp. 77-94

The Towneley Plays or The Towneley Cycle?

David Mills
pp. 95-104

The Towneley Processus Talentorum: Text and Commentary

A. C. Cawley and Martin Stevens
pp. 105-30

The Towneley Processus Talentorum: A Survey and Interpretation

A. C. Cawley
pp. 131-39

The Lost Coventry Drapers' Play of Doomsday and Its Iconographic Context

Clifford Davidson
pp. 141-58

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 16 (1985)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 16 (1985): Complete Volume

Editorial Note

Marie Collins, Jocelyn Price, and Andrew Hamer
p. 1

J. E. Cross: A Biographical Note

pp. 3-6

The Compilation of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Once More

Janet Bately
pp. 7-26

Language in Context: Her in the 890 Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

Peter Clemoes
pp. 27-36

King Alfred's Æstel Reconsidered

Rowland L. Collins
pp. 37-58

Some Domestic Problems

Christine E. Fell
pp. 59-82

Ælfric's Saints' Lives and the Problem of Miracles

Malcolm R. Godden
pp. 83-100

The Old English Advent VII and the 'Doubting of Mary' Tradition

C. G. Harlow
pp. 101-17

Ælfric's 'Silent Days'

Joyce Hill
pp. 118-31

When God Blew Satan out of Heaven: The Motif of Exsufflation in Vercelli Homily XIX and Later English Literature

Thomas D. Hill
pp. 132-41

The gifstol Crux in Beowulf

R. E. Kaske
pp. 142-51

Anglo-Saxon Martyrologists at Work: Narrative Pattern and Prose Style in Bede and the Old English Martyrology

Günter Kotzor
pp. 152-73

The Dissemination of Alcuin's De virtutibus et vitiis liber in Old English: A Preliminary Survey

Clare A. Lees
pp. 174-89

Cædmon's Hymn, Line 1: What is the Subject of Scylun or its Variants?

Bruce Mitchell
pp. 190-97

Two Problematic Old English Words

R. I. Page
pp. 198-207

A Preliminary 'Heaven' Index for Old English

Jane Roberts
pp. 208-19

Boar and Badger: An Old English Heroic Antithesis

Thomas A. Shippey
pp. 220-39

Notes on the Text of Exodus

E. G. Stanley
pp. 240-45

Translation and Adaptation in Amícus ok Amilíus saga

Andrew Hamer
pp. 246-58

'Mercy and Justice': The Additional MS 31042 Version

Joyce Bazire
pp. 259-71

John Lydgate and William Caxton

N. F. Blake
pp. 272-89

Will and the Penitents: Piers Plowman B X 420-35

Marie Collins
pp. 290-308

Piers' Apples: Some Bernardine Echoes in Piers Plowman

Margaret E. Goldsmith
pp. 309-25

In this storye consistethe oure chefe faithe: The Problems of Chester's Play(s) of the Passion

David Mills
pp. 326-36

The Virgin and the Dragon: The Demonology of Seinte Margarete

Jocelyn G. Price
pp. 337-57

Bibliography of the Writings of J. E. Cross

pp. 358-62

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 15 (1984)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 15 (1984): Complete Volume

Richard Cleasby's Notes on the Vercelli Codex (Continued)

Christine E. Fell
pp. 1-19

The Source of the St Brendan Story in the South English Legendary

Simon Lavery
pp. 21-32

The Southern Passion and the Ministry and Passion: The Work of a Middle English Reviser

O. S. Pickering
pp. 33-56

The Middle English Candet nudatum pectus and Norms of Early Vernacular Translation Practice

Rita Copeland
pp. 57-81

Grace: The Healing Herb in William of Palerne

Erik S. Kooper
pp. 83-93

To knytte up al this feeste: The Parson's Rhetoric and the Ending of the Canterbury Tales

Laurie A. Finke
pp. 95-107

The Weight of Sin in the York Crucifixio

Paul Willis
pp. 109-16

John Evelyn's English Grammar

Albert B. Cook III
pp. 117-46

The Development of Middle English ā, ai and ī in Surrey, Kent and Sussex

David North
pp. 147-64

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 14 (1983)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 14 (1983): Complete Volume

Editorial Note

Derek Pearsall
p. 1

Elizabeth Salter: A Memoir

Derek Pearsall
pp. 2-3

Piers Plowman and Problems in the Perception of Poverty: A Culture in Transition

David Aers
pp. 5-25

Survival and Revivals of Alliterative Modes

J. A. W. Bennett
pp. 26-43

The Canterbury Tales as Framed Narratives

Morton W. Bloomfield
pp. 44-55

Richard II and the Music of Men's Lives

Philip Brockbank
pp. 57-73

Apocalyptic Style in Piers Plowman B XIX-XX

E. Talbot Donaldson
pp. 74-81

Reflections on Some Manuscripts of Nicholas Love's Myrrour of the Blessed Lyf of Jesu Christ

A. I. Doyle
pp. 82-93

Irony and Sympathy in Troilus and Criseyde: A Reconsideration

David Lawton
pp. 94-115

Development of the Art of Portraiture in Chaucer's General Prologue

Charles A. Owen, Jr.
pp. 116-33

The Rhymed Office for St Thomas of Lancaster: Poetry, Politics and Liturgy in Fourteenth-Century England

Christopher Page
pp. 134-51

Devotional Elements in Two Early Middle English Lives of Christ

O. S. Pickering
pp. 152-66

The Parlement of the Thre Ages

V. J. Scattergood
pp. 167-81

Langland's Poetry: Some Notes in Critical Analysis

A. C. Spearing
pp. 182-95

Strange Images of Death

Philippa Tristram
pp. 196-211

Bibliography of the Writings of Elizabeth Salter

pp. 212-13

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 13 (1982)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 13 (1982): Complete Volume

Halldór Laxness and the Icelandic Sagas

Peter Hallberg
pp. 1-22

Ælfric's Longer Life of St. Martin and its Latin Sources: A Study in Narrative Technique

Judith Gaites
pp. 23-41

The Wife of Bath and Her Tale

N. F. Blake
pp. 42-55

Streams and Swamps in the Gawain Country

Ralph W. V. Elliott
pp. 56-73

Kingship in the Chester Nativity Play

Ruth M. Keane
pp. 74-84

'This Vague Relation': Historical Fiction and Historical Veracity in the Later Middle Ages

Ruth Morse
pp. 85-103

Wyatt and Chaucer: A Re-Appraisal

Helen Cooper
pp. 104-23

The De Analogia Anglicani Sermonis of Thomas Tonkis

Albert B. Cook III
pp. 125-77

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 12 (1980-81)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 12 (1980-81): Complete Volume

Arthur Cawley: A Biographical Note

Stanley Ellis
pp. 1-2

The Academic and the Devil

A. R. Taylor
pp. 3-11

Richard Cleasby's Notes on the Vercelli Codex

Christine E. Fell
pp. 13-42

The Speaker in The Husband's Message

Peter Orton
pp. 43-56

The Soldier of Christ in Old English Prose and Poetry

Joyce Hill
pp. 57-80

'Cynewulf and Cyneheard' and the Icelandic Sagas

R. W. McTurk
pp. 81-127

An Anonymous Old English Homily for Holy Saturday

Ruth Evans
pp. 129-53

Ælfric's Latin Vocabulary

R. L. Thomson
pp. 155-61

Blosson in the Breach: Some Comments on the Language of Spring in The Owl and the Nightingale

Elizabeth Williams
pp. 163-83

Alexanderromance: The Egyptian Connection

Betty Hill
pp. 185-94

In die sepulture seu Trigintali: The Late Medieval Funeral and Memorial Sermon

Susan Powell and Alan J. Fletcher
pp. 195-228

Notes on the Sentence of Cursing in Middle English or, A Case for the Index of Middle English Prose

O. S. Pickering
pp. 229-44

John Clerke's Hand in the York Register

Peter Meredith
pp. 245-71

'You' and 'Thou' in Shakespeare's Richard III

Charles Barber
pp. 273-89

Weak Syllables in Dialectal Usage

Stanley Ellis
pp. 291-93

A. C. Cawley: Published Work

pp. 299-301


Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 11 (1979-80)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 12 (1980-81): Complete Volume

The Technique of Object-Personification in The Dream of the Rood and a Comparison with the Old English Riddles

Peter Orton
pp. 1-18

Approaches to the Study of Medieval Sources

L. J. Bataillon
pp. 19-35

Doctrina and Predicacio: The Design and Function of Some Pastoral Manuals

Vincent Gillespie
pp. 36-50

Further External Evidence for Dating the York Register (BL Additional MS 35290)

Richard Beadle and Peter Meredith
pp. 51-58

The Ordo Paginarum and the Development of the York Tilemakers' Pageant

Peter Meredith
pp. 59-73

Thoresby and Later Owners of the Manuscript of the York Plays (BL Additional MS 35290)

A. C. Cawley
pp. 74-89

Sign and Transition: The Purification Play in Chester

John J. McGavin
pp. 90-104

The Doctor's Epilogue to the Brome Abraham and Isaac: A Possible Analogue

David Mills
pp. 105-10

Life Records of Henry Medwall, M.A., Notary Public and Playwright; and John Medwall, Legal Administrator and Summoner

Alan H. Nelson
pp. 111-55

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 10 (1978)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 10 (1978): Complete Volume

The Expository Temporale Poems of the South English Legendary

O. S. Pickering
pp. 1-17

Hills and Valleys in the Gawain Country

R. W. V. Elliott
pp. 18-41

Scottish Field: Alliterative Verse and Stanley Encomium in the Percy Folio

David A. Lawton
pp. 42-57

Chaucer's Audience

Dieter Mehl
pp. 58-73

The Origins of a Fifteenth-Century Sermon Collection: MSS Harley 2247 and Royal 18 B XXV

Alan J. Fletcher and Susan Powell
pp. 74-96

The York Corpus Christi Plays: Some Practical Details

Margaret Rogerson
pp. 97-106

Mystery Plays at Norwich: Their Formation and Development

Joanna Dutka
pp. 107-20

Regency Radicalism and Antiquarianism: William Hone's Ancient Mysteries Described

J. W. Robinson
pp. 121-44

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 09 (1976-77)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 09 (1976-77): Complete Volume

Evidence for Phonetic Weakening in Inflectional Syllables in Beowulf

David Armborst
pp. 1-18

Chaucer's Theseus and the Knight's Tale

Walter Scheps
pp. 19-34

A Reconsideration of Some Textual Problems in the N-Town Manuscript (BL MS Cotton Vespasian D VIII)

Peter Meredith
pp. 35-50

The Chester Whitsun Plays: Dating of Post-Reformation Performances from the Smith's Accounts

John Marshall
pp. 51-61

The Composition and Development of an Eclectic Manuscript: Cotton Vespasian D VIII

Stephen Spector
pp. 62-83

John Weever: Antiquary and Medievalist

Graham Parry
pp. 84-96

The Twelfth-Century Conduct of Life, Formerly the Poema Morale or A Moral Ode

Betty Hill
pp. 97-144

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 08 (1975)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 08 (1975): Complete Volume

Figures of Evil in Old English Poetry

Joyce Hill
pp. 5-19

The Semantic Development of Old English wealh

Margaret Lindsay Faull
pp. 30-44

Beowulf and the World of Heroic Elegy

Raymond J. S. Grant
pp. 45-75

Old English beor

Christine E. Fell
pp. 76-95

Epitaphia Alexandri in English Medieval Manuscripts

Betty Hill
pp. 96-104

Three South English Legendary Nativity Poems

O. S. Pickering
pp. 105-19

The Chester Coopers' Pageant: 'Selles' and 'Cathedra'

John Marshall
pp. 120-28

Middle English Metrical Versions of the Decalogue with Reference to the English Corpus Christi Cycles

Arthur C. Cawley
pp. 129-45

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 07 (1973-74)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 07 (1973-74): Complete Volume

The Theology of Caedmon's Hymn

D. R. Howlett
pp. 1-12

Laxdaela Saga and Author Involvement in the Icelandic Sagas

Arnold R. Taylor
pp. 13-21

The Alliterative Ancestry of Dunbar's The Tretis of the Tua Mariit Wemen and the Wedo

Catherine Singh
pp. 22-54

The Procession and Play of Corpus Christi in York After 1426

Alexandra F. Johnston
pp. 55-62

The Rogers' Description of the Chester Plays

Lawrence M. Clopper
pp. 63-93

The Five Cyclic Manuscripts of the Chester Cycle of Mystery Plays: A Statistical Survey of Variant Readings

R. M. Lumiansky and David Mills
pp. 95-107

The Corpus Christi Play of Wakefield: A New Look at the Wakefield Burgess Court Records

Jean Forrester and A. C. Cawley
pp. 108-16

The Beginning: English Dictionaries of the First Half of the Seventeenth Century

James A. Riddell
pp. 117-53

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 06 (1972)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 06 (1972): Complete Volume

An Interpretation of Sir Orfeo

Peter J. Lucas
pp. 1-9

The York Mercers and their Pageant of Doomsday, 1433-1526

Alexandra F. Johnston and Margaret Dorrell
pp. 11-35

The York Cycle: From Procession to Play

Martin Stevens
pp. 37-61

Two Studies of the York Corpus Christi Play

Margaret Dorrell
pp. 63-111


Martin Stevens
pp. 113-15

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 05 (1971)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 05 (1971): Complete Volume

The Temptation Scenes in 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight'

Christopher Dean
pp. 1-12

The Guide Convention in 'Piers Plowman'

Barbara Palmer
pp. 13-27

The Doomsday Pageant of the York Mercers, 1433

Alexandra F. Johnston and Margaret Dorrell
pp. 29-34

The Mayor of York and the Coronation Pageant

Margaret Dorrell
pp. 35-45

Rhymes in the Epilogue to 'Elene': A Reconsideration

H. L. Rogers
pp. 47-52

Aldrediana XXIII: Notes on the Accidence of the Durham Ritual

Alan S. C. Ross
pp. 53-67

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 04 (1970)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 04 (1970): Complete Volume

Chaucer's Anti-Fable: Reductio ad Absurdum in the Nun's Priest's Tale

Walter Scheps
pp. 1-9

Chaucer's Pardoner Again

Felicity Currie
pp. 11-22

The Relationship Between Thomas the Rhymer and Thomas of Erceldoune

E. B. Lyle
pp. 23-30

The Hard Word Dictionaries: A Re-Assessment

Jürgen Schäfer
pp. 31-48

Handlist of Animal References in Middle English Religious Prose

Nancy Fischer
pp. 49-110


Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 03 (1969)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 03 (1969): Complete Volume

Old English Cyningstan

Raymond I. Page
pp. 1-5

The Dimensions of The Wanderer

W. F. Bolton
pp. 7-34

'France' and 'French' in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

Cecily Clark
pp. 35-45

Approaches to Medieval Drama

David Mills
pp. 47-61

Thomas Sheridan and Eighteenth-Century Rhetoric and Belles-Lettres

William Benzie
pp. 63-84

Lanval and Sir Landevale: A Medieval Translator and His Methods

Elizabeth Williams
pp. 85-99

Hauksbok and Ælfric's De Falsis Diis

Arnold R. Taylor
pp. 101-09

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 02 (1968)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 02 (1968): Complete Volume

Harold Orton: A Biographical Note

Stanley Ellis
pp. 1-6

Early Work for the Survey of English Dialects: The Academic and Human Sides

Peter Wright and Fritz Rohrer
pp. 7-14

The Future of English Dialect Studies

G. L. Brook
pp. 15-22

Two Studies of Dialects of English

Raven I. McDavid, Jr.
pp. 23-46

The Voicing of Initial Fricative Consonants in Present-Day Dialectal English

Martyn F. Wakelin and Michael V. Barry
pp. 47-64

A Diachronic-Structural Analysis of a Northern English Urban Dialect

W. Viereck
pp. 65-80

The Dialect of Filey (Yorkshire East Riding): The Vowels of Stressed Syllables

J. D. A. Widdowson
pp. 81-96

Swedish Speech in an English Setting: Some Observations on and Aspects of Immigrant Environments in America

Folke Hedblom
pp. 97-114

Methodology of an Urban Speech Survey

Charles L. Houck
pp. 115-28

Contributions of British Folk Speech to American Pronunciation

Hans Kurath
pp. 129-34

Dialectology and the Electronic Drudge

F. G. Cassidy
pp. 135-44

Modal daren’t and durstn’t in Dialectal English

W. Nelson Francis
pp. 145-64

Harold Orton: Published Writings

pp. 165-66

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 01 (1967)

Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 01 (1967): Complete Volume

Malkyn in the Man of Law’s Headlink

Martin Stevens
pp. 1-6

Style and Stereotype in Early English Letters

Norman Davis
pp. 7-18

Caxton and Chaucer

N. F. Blake
pp. 19-36

Elizabethan Colloquial English in the Falstaff Plays

Vivian Salmon
pp. 37-70

Alexander Pope’s and Sir William Trumbull’s Translations of Boethius

Brian S. Donaghey
pp. 71-82

Symbolic and Satiric Aspects of Hans Andersen’s Fairy-Tales

Christine E. Fell
pp. 83-92

The Manuscripts of John Mirk’s Festial

Martyn F. Wakelin
pp. 93-118

Literary Implications of Instruction in the Verbal Arts in Fourteenth-Century England

James J. Murphy
pp. 119-36

Rhetoric and Style: A Bibliographical Guide

R. C. Alston and J. L. Rosier
pp. 137-60

Leeds Studies in English and Kindred Languages, 7-8 (1952)

Leeds Studies in English and Kindred Languages, 7-8 (1952): Complete Volume


Bruce Dickins
pp. 1-2

Editorial Note

A. C. Cawley and Harold Orton
p. 3

Two Notes on Beowulf

A. R. Taylor
pp. 5-17

Some Literary Influences in the Revelations of Julian of Norwich

Anna Maria Reynolds
pp. 18-28

Two Manuscripts of the Pricke of Conscience in the Brotherton Collection, University of Leeds

K. W. Humphreys and J. Lightbown
pp. 29-38

The Vocabulary of The Metrical Life of St Robert of Knaresborough

Joyce Bazire
pp. 39-44

The Sykes Manuscript of the York Scriveners’ Play

A. C. Cawley
pp. 45-80

The Definite Article in Living Yorkshire Dialect

W. E. Jones
pp. 81-91

Parasitic Syllabic Nasals at Marshside, Lancashire

P. Wright
pp. 92-96

The Isolative Treatment in Living North-Midland Dialects of OE e Lengthened in Open Syllables in Middle English

Harold Orton
pp. 97-128

Theses Added to Leeds University Library

p. 129

Leeds Studies in English and Kindred Languages, 6 (1937)

Leeds Studies in English and Kindred Languages, 6 (1937): Complete Volume

The Quartal System in Indo-Germanic

J. McKenzie
pp. 1-4

OWN. Bjarmar: Russian

Alan S. C. Ross
pp. 5-13

The Day of Byrhtnoth’s Death and Other Obits from a Twelfth-Century Ely Kalendar

Bruce Dickins
pp. 14-24

The Day of the Battle of Æthelingadene

Bruce Dickins
pp. 25-27

The Date of the ‘Tremulous’ Worcester Hand

N. R. Ker
pp. 28-29

More Lost Literature II

R. M. Wilson
pp. 30-49

Norse Alliterative Tradition in Middle English I

E. S. Olszewska
pp. 50-64

ME. isked ‘longed’

E. S. Olszewska
pp. 65-66

Sent Kasi

Bruce Dickins and R. M. Wilson
pp. 67-73

Textual Notes on a Newly-Discovered Flodden Poem

Bruce Dickins
p. 74

Fronting of [k] and Mutation in Afrikaans

A. G. Hooper
pp. 75-76

Leeds Studies in English and Kindred Languages, 5 (1936)

Leeds Studies in English and Kindred Languages, 5 (1936): Complete Volume

More Lost Literature in Old and Middle English

R. M. Wilson
pp. 1-49

The Alliterative Phrases in the Ormulum

E. S. Olszewska
pp. 50-67

The Owl and the Nightingale 1195-8 and the S. William Window in York Minster

Bruce Dickins
pp. 68-70

Analogical Development of -ing- and the Interpretation of Patrington

A. H. Smith
pp. 71-73

The Author of Svarfdœla and the Reviser of Glúma

G. Turville-Petre
pp. 74-92

A Note on J. Boyd, Ulrich Füetrer’s Parzival: Material and Sources (Medium Ævum Monographs I), Oxford, 1936

F. P. Pickering
pp. 93-95

Summary [of Laziczius, Bevezetés a fonológiába (1932)]

Alan S. C. Ross
pp. 96-103

Abstract of ‘Introduction and Glossary to the Old English Version of Bede’s Ecclesiastical History of the English People

Muriel R. Jeffrey
p. 104

Theses Added to Leeds University Library

p. 104

Leeds Studies in English and Kindred Languages, 4 (1935)

Leeds Studies in English and Kindred Languages, 4 (1935): Complete Volume

Geology and Place-Names in Kesteven (S. W. Lincolnshire)

L. W. H. Payling
pp. 1-13

The Nom.Acc.Sg.Fem. and the Nom.Acc.Pl. of the Anglo-Frisian hi-pronoun

Alan S. C. Ross
pp. 14-23

The Provenance of the Lambeth Homilies with a New Collation

R. M. Wilson
pp. 24-43

Two Worcester Fragments of a Middle English Secular Lyric

Bruce Dickins
pp. 44-46

Notes on Athelston (continued from III, 29)

George Taylor
pp. 47-57

The Pricke of Conscience: A Collation of MSS. Galba E IX and Harley 4196

J. Lightbown
pp. 58-61

The Awntyrs off Arthure: Dialect and Authorship

A. G. Hooper
pp. 62-74

Havelok 64-66

Bruce Dickins
pp. 75-76

Seynd Bacoun

Bruce Dickins
pp. 76-77

Mn.E. Coble

Alan S. C. Ross
pp. 77-78

Obthrust in North Lincolnshire

Esther Dinah Clarke
pp. 78-79

Þrymskviða 81-83

Bruce Dickins
pp. 79-80

English, Dutch or Low German?

Bruce Dickins and Alan S. C. Ross
pp. 80-81

Abstract of ‘Studies in the Morphology and Syntax of the Vespasian Psalter

Ruby Roberts
p. 82

Theses, &c

p. 83

Leeds Studies in English and Kindred Languages, 3 (1934)

Leeds Studies in English and Kindred Languages, 3 (1934): Complete Volume

Elizabeth Mary Wright: A Bibliography

Bruce Dickins
p. 1

OE. wēofod, wībed, wīgbed

Alan S. C. Ross
pp. 2-6

Old English afigen: Ossete fezonag, fizonag*

Alan S. C. Ross and H. W. Bailey
pp. 7-9

A New Collation of An Extract from the Old English Gloss to the Lindisfarne Gospels

D. E. Chadwick, Cyril B. Judge and Alan S. C. Ross
pp. 10-16

The Recipes of MS. Harley 2253

G. L. Brook
pp. 17-19

Notes on Athelston

George Taylor
pp. 20-29

The Ireland Blackburne Manuscript of the Seven Penitential Psalms, the Pricke of Conscience and Lamentacio sancti Anselmi

Bruce Dickins
pp. 30-36

The Lambeth Palace MS. of the Awntyrs off Arthure

A. G. Hooper
pp. 37-43

Arabic Words in Ben Jonson

Walt Taylor
pp. 44-50

Hrómundar saga Gripssonar and the Griplur

A. G. Hooper
pp. 51-56

A Collection of Books in the Non-Slavonic Languages of Russia

pp. 57-59

Summary [of Kiparsky, Die gemeinslavischen Lehnwörter aus dem Germanischen (1934)]

Alan S. C. Ross
pp. 60-64

Theses Added to Leeds University Library

p. 64

Leeds Studies in English and Kindred Languages, 2 (1933)

Leeds Studies in English and Kindred Languages, 2 (1933): Complete Volume

The Subdivision of Philology

Alan S. C. Ross
pp. 1-5

Philological Terminology

Bruce Dickins and Alan S. C. Ross
pp. 5-6

A Note on the Interpretation of the Statistics of Variant Forms in Philology

Ruby Roberts and Alan S. C. Ross
pp. 7-13

Lost Literature in Old and Middle English

R. M. Wilson
pp. 14-37

The Original Dialects of the Harley Lyrics

G. L. Brook
pp. 38-61

The Date of the Ireland Manuscript

Bruce Dickins
pp. 62-66

Middle English ‘word and ende’

E. S. Olszewska
p. 66

The Lexicography of 'Cipher'

Walt Taylor
pp. 67-71

Old Scandinavian 'Lundr'

A. H. Smith
pp. 72-75

Illustrations of Norse Formulas in English

E. S. Olszewska
pp. 76-84

Abstracts of Theses, &c

pp. 85-87

Primitive English -e in Flexional Endings

Alan S. C. Ross
p. 88

Leeds Studies in English and Kindred Languages, 1 (1932)

Leeds Studies in English and Kindred Languages, 1 (1932): Complete Volume

Outline of a Theory of Language

Alan S. C. Ross
pp. 1-14

A System of Transliteration for Old English Runic Inscriptions

Bruce Dickins
pp. 15-19

The 'Epa' Coins

Bruce Dickins
pp. 20-21

A New Collation of the Vespasian Psalter and Hymns

Ruby Roberts
pp. 22-23

A Note on the Authorship of the ‘Katherine Group’

R. M. Wilson
pp. 24-27

Collation of the Text of the English Lyrics of MS. Harley 2253

G. L. Brook
pp. 28-30

The Etymology of 'Saracen'

Walt Taylor
pp. 31-35

Kolli Hróaldsson (Landnámabók) = Dala-Kollr (Laxdœla saga)?

Frank Mosby
pp. 36-41

Bragða-Ǫlvis saga

A. G. Hooper
pp. 42-54

List of Theses in Leeds University Library

p. 55