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The Bulletin of International Medieval Research


The Bulletin of International Medieval Research, 19 (2014 for 2013)

The Bulletin of International Medieval Research, 19 (2014 for 2013)

Introducing monastic space: the early years, 250-750

Erin Thomas A. Dailey
pp. 5-25

The Bolton Scropes and Easby Abbey: a family mausoleum in context

Stephen Werronen
pp. 26-40

The children's cloister: choirboys and space in later medieval cathedrals

Sarah Lynch
pp. 41-57

Hospitality in a Cistercian context: evidence for identity in prescriptive texts and legislation

Richard Thomason
pp. 58-82

Hermits in space: some observations on representational and organisational problems in a new twelfth-century southern Italian hermitage

Isabella L. Bolognese
pp. 83-100

A space in the cupboard: the organisation of the book collection in the Franciscan convent of Sant'Antonio in Padua during the fifteenth century

René Hernández Vera
pp. 101-121

The Cistercian monastery of Benifassa and the Knights Hospitaller in thirteenth-century Valencia: a legal dispute

Ryan Storr
pp. 122-37

Ritual, patronage and commemoration: the late medieval church at Wensley, North Yorkshire

Eleanor Warren
pp. 138-60

The Bulletin of International Medieval Research, 17-18 (2012 for 2011-2012)

“Impious Easterners”: cultural transition in early Anglo-Saxon Norfolk

Michael Rush
pp. 3-38

Eleanor in the twenty-first century: the recent historiography of Eleanor of Aquitaine

Michael Evans
pp. 39-51

Bosworth: a battlefield rediscovered

Glenn Foard
pp. 52-64

Computing with medieval characters: Windows 7, Office 2010, LINUX, OpenOffice/LibreOffice et al.

Alec McAllister
pp. 65-72

Medieval Germany in translation

Graham A. Loud
pp. 73-81

Re-staging the Reich: the life and times of the Golden Bull (1356)

Leonard E. Scales
pp. 82-104

The Bulletin of International Medieval Research, 15-16 (2011 for 2009-2010)

A peripheral matter? Oceans in the east in late medieval thought, report and cartography

Marianne O'Doherty
pp. 14-59

Women on the edge: glimpses of female experience on the north-eastern frontier of medieval Christendom, 1190-1390

Alan V. Murray
pp. 62-76

The treatment of the Byzantines in the anonymous Gesta Francorum et aliorum Hierosolymitanorum

Léan Ní Chléirigh
pp. 77-101

Borrowed past and second-hand present narrative techniques shaping Eastern European history in late medieval English historiography

Zsuzsanna Papp Reed
pp. 104-40

Angelology in the peripheries: a fresh look at otherworld journey accounts

Edina Eszenyi
pp. 141-61

Pagan past and Christian future in Norna-Gests þáttr and Bárðar saga Snæfellsáss

Sheryl McDonald
pp. 164-78

Crumbling empires, nostalgia and the politics of ornament in Naṣrid Granada

Lara Eggleton
pp. 179-207

The Bulletin of International Medieval Research, 13 (2007)

Towards a new edition of the Historia Silensis

Juan A. Estévez Sola
pp. 3-17

Mapping the meditations: a survey of recent research on the Pseudo-Bonaventuran Meditationes vitae Christi and Nicholas Love's Mirror of the Blessed Life of Jesus Christ

Felicity Lyn Maxwell
pp. 18-30

The tales of the monsters of Zemeckis's Beowulf

Paul Sturtevant
pp. 31-37

Runic studies in the twenty-first century

Katherine Holman
pp. 38-43

The Bulletin of International Medieval Research, 12 (2006)

The importance of being Edward: Edward the Black Prince and the making of a medieval English hero, 1750-1903

Barbara Gribling
pp. 3-20

Kingdom of Heaven's road map for peace

Paul Sturtevant
pp. 21-39

Computing with medieval characters: updates to MUFI and Unicode

T.A. McAllister
pp. 40-47

Gender and religion in the Middle Ages

Margaret Schaus
pp. 48-56

The Bulletin of International Medieval Research, 11 (2005)

“Calami et iunci”: Lastingham in the seventh and eighth centuries

Richard K. Morris
pp. 3-21

Articulate architecture? Timber halls and ideological expression

Jenny Walker
pp. 23-45

Computing with medieval characters: standardisation and encoding

T.A. McAllister
pp. 46-55

Ein neues Forum für Walther von der Vogelweide. Die Walther-Studien

Jasmin Behrouzi-Rühl
pp. 56-68


The Bulletin of International Medieval Research, 9-10 (2005 for 2003-2004)

Land tenure and military obligations in the Anglo-Saxon and Merovingian kingdoms: the evidence of Bede and Boniface in context

Ian Wood
pp. 3-22

Like lambs to the slaughter: improvising murder in the twelfth century

Jeff Rider
pp. 23-39

An old crusader is encouraged back to the Spanish front: a woman's letter to Count Rotrou of the Perche

Kathleen Thompson
pp. 40-48

The Bulletin of International Medieval Research, 8 (2002)

The “contextualisation” of Hildegard von Bingen: a report on recent research

William T. Flynn
pp. 1-12

Hospitaller sources: a project for an internet source book

Jürgen Sarnowsky
pp. 13-20

Studying masculinity in the Middle Ages

Mary Swan
pp. 21-35

The church builders of al-Andalus

Ann Christys
pp. 36-43

Chaucer in context: approaching the mind of the medieval reader

Carmen Maíz Arévalo
pp. 44-49

The Bulletin of International Medieval Research, 7 (2001)

Thirty-five years of the International Medieval Bibliography (1967-2002)

Alan V. Murray
pp. 1-9

Medieval women under scrutiny: a reappraisal

Raluca Radulescu
pp. 10-21

Chrétien de Troyes: new translations for teaching

Jeff Rider
pp. 22-26

The Bulletin of International Medieval Research, 6 (2000)

Devils, noble savages and the iron gate: thirteenth-century European concepts of the Mongol

Kurt Villads Jensen
pp. 1-20

Identifying “France” and “Germany”: medieval nation-making in some recent publications

Leonard E. Scales
pp. 21-46

Toponymy and the history of English: multi-disciplinary studies of topographical English placename elements

Carole Hough
pp. 47-57

The Bulletin of International Medieval Research, 5 (1999)

Christian-Muslim frontiers in early medieval Spain

Ann Christys
pp. 1-19

Gender issues in writing and interpretation: examples from recent Arthurian studies

Catherine Batt
pp. 20-29

New approaches to an unsolved mystery: the enigmatic Joan of Arc

Alison Butler
pp. 30-38

Leonard Eugene Boyle O.P.

Brenda M. Bolton
pp. 39-42

The Bulletin of International Medieval Research, 4 (1998)

A line-by-line bibliographical database of Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival

David N. Yeandle
pp. 1-22

Ælfric's New Model Army: the battle for Old English – a survey of scholarship in the 1990s

Jane Scott
pp. 23-35

Recent work on Dante in America

Simon Gilson
pp. 36-43

A major new edition of La Chevalerie Vivien

Wolfgang G. van Emden
pp. 44-50

Il Liber Feudorum di San Zeno di Verona

Egidio Rossini
pp. 51-64

The Bulletin of International Medieval Research, 2-3 (1997 for 1996-1997)

Electronic discussion lists and Medieval Studies

George Piero Ferzoco
pp. 1-9

Mothers, wives, and witches: the depiction of women in Galbert of Bruges' account of the murder of Charles the Good

Martina Häcker
pp. 10-26

Teaching medieval chivalry: two models of knighthood in The World's Reward by Konrad von Würzburg

Alan V. Murray
pp. 27-35

Traditions in Hungarian settlement

Csilla Zatykó
pp. 36-44

The monsters and the crib: studies in the Beowulf-manuscript and a new translation of the poem

Christine Rauer
pp. 45-49

The Bulletin of International Medieval Research, 1 (1995)

Multilingual computing in Medieval Studies

T.A. McAllister
pp. 1-12

Millennial opportunities for Medieval Studies

Simon N. Forde
pp. 13-17

Runes and Germanic onomastics

Arend Quak
pp. 18-22